Module 1 – Introduction to Cloud & AWS

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  • Cloud computing is a set of system working together to act as a single system either within a single data center or across multiple data centers
  • NIST has defined 5 characteristics the cloud should have and what models are available.
  • Cloud has 3 services models (SAAS, PAAS & IAAS) and 3 deployment models (Private, Public & Hybrid)
  • AWS was born out of the innovations done for improving back-end infrastructure. AWS was officially launched in 2006.
  • AWS provides a complete end to end robust full stack technology platform.
  • Core Network comprises of Regions, Availability Zones(AZ) and Edge Locations.
  • AWS has their own physical fiber network connecting the regions, AZs and most edge locations
  • Regions are geographically different locations.
  • Each region has at least 2 Availability Zones.
  • AZs can be used for setting up a high availability setup or be used as Disaster Recovery site(DR)
  • Edge locations are part of a CDN network that is used for caching static objects for faster content delivery.

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