E-Commerce – Marketplace or set up your own site?

Let’s be honest, actually going shopping physically is slowly becoming a thing of the past as e-commerce takes over the market. The days of haggling over the price of an item with shopkeepers is coming to an end with the ease and comfort of online shopping. These days, no one wants to roam around in markets for stuff they can get at the click of a button.

E-commerce sites allow us to buy items of all categories with so many varieties that a person will most probably tire before the items run out. For businesses, e-commerce is important to keep up with customer interests. Sellers need to decide whether they want to sell on existing sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc and share their profits with them or set up their own e-commerce site to save money and maximize profits.

I think it’s fair to say the answer to the above question is a rather straight-forward one. Setting up your own e-commerce site has numerous benefits as I will highlight later on but initially, these are some fundamental points for sellers to ponder upon –

  • How much does setting up my own e-commerce website cost?
  • Customization aspects in relation to the website.
  • Security
  • Support

Thankfully, Ecomm India Cloud IT takes care of all of these for you! We offer you a world class cloud powered e-commerce platform and a choice of powerful shopping cart application like Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce etc. with free and premium templates to make your e-commerce store stand out from the crowd and easy to manage back-end interface for highly efficient operations. Additionally there are no transaction charges! Hosting your own site gives you greater control over what you sell and how you plan to sell it. It is a great way to avoid unnecessary expenses like transaction charges and listing fees.

You can do what you want with your own site, and our support teams will guide you all the way through it. Furthermore, by hosting your own site, you eliminate rival sellers encountered on other sites. When buyers come to your site, they can only buy your products!

With Ecomm India Cloud IT, you can customize your site the way you want to – with free themes as well as premium ones. You will decide how the site looks, everything from listings to images right down to the headers and footers. A fully functional ready to go e-commerce store can be achieved within a few hours. There are plans for everyone – starter, mid-level and pros at competitive prices so you do not need to worry about the cost.

Securing your site becomes a breeze with the option of adding an SSL certificate to your store link so that customers know they are dealing with a trusted website when they see the green lock symbol in the web address bar. Payment security will never be a problem with integration support to popular payment gateways such as Razorpay, instamojo, PayU, Paytm and CCAvenue. They will ensure a seamless and carefree experience for your customers.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, Ecomm India Cloud IT also provides the following perks –

  • Aftership Tracking Integration – Customers will be able to track all their orders directly from your site and you may even send them texts about their order status. So there will never be a lost package, ever!
  • Fast setup – Depending on your needs, you could be up and running in under 90 minutes thanks to the easy customization available
  • Savings – The industry’s lowest price of Rs. 399/month for starters. Unlike other providers who charge you for trivial stuff such as the number of products/pictures you upload or even ask for a share of your profit, we only charge you for the bandwidth your store consumes! Everything else is all inclusive.
  • 24/7 Technical Support – Security and support is step one at Ecomm India Cloud IT. Even your smallest doubt/bug will be thoroughly investigated by a team of experts.

If you are convinced about setting up your own e-commerce store, head over to – https://www.ecomm.in/ecommerce-shop-setup.html for more information such as specific price plans.

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