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This online/webinar masterclass session intends to give you a thorough understanding of networking with VPC in the AWS cloud environment. It is aimed at both beginners and experts. We start off with the basics of IP addressing and networking concepts in VPC and towards the latter part move into more deeper concepts of routing methodologies and VPN connectivity. The session intends to cover the following topics:

  • Life before VPC (EC2 Classic)
  • Concept of VPC
  • VPC Architecture
  • Components that make up the VPC
  • Back to school – IP Addressing & Subnet basics
  • Creating and applying CIDR & Subnets in VPC
  • Private & Public Subnets
  • VPC Routing Fundamentals – Route Tables
  • NAT Gateway & Egress Only IGW
  • VPC to Site IPSec VPN Connectivity
  • AWS Direct Connect
  • VPC Endpoints/PrivateLink
  • VPC Security – NACLs
  • VPC Flow Logs
  • Evolution of the VPC
  • Labs
    • Create a single VPC.
    • Create Subnets, Route Tables & Internet Gateway.
    • Associate Route Tables to subnets to make them Private & Public.
    • NAT Gateway Configuration.
    • Test EC2 instance communication in VPC.
    • Create multiple EC2 instances to test communication between Private & Public subnets.
    • EC2 Jump Hosts
    • Create a second VPC.
    • VPC Peering setup.
    • Test EC2 instances communication between VPCs.
    • VPC Enpoints configuration.
    • VPC CLI Commands.
    • Requesting Direct Connect.
    • Configuration of VGW & CGW for VPN.


If you feel something has been missed out and would like us to add any additional talking points, please feel free to request them in the comments section below.

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Faizal Khan, Founder & CEO of Ecomm India Cloud IT and a cloud industry expert with over 12Years of experience in the IT industry with organizations like DELL, Bank of America & JP Morgan Chase. Migrating enterprises to the AWS cloud is what he does every single day and this experience will reflect on the quality of sessions you will be attending. What you will get is a practical and real world in-depth knowledge of the AWS cloud which not only prepares you for certification but would immensely help you in becoming job ready in the cloud market which requires understanding of real world scenarios.



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  1. Hi Faizal,

    Could you please share me a link for the 2nd part?

  2. Hi Faizal

    I registered for the AWS Recorded Sessions for Solution Architect. Can you please share the link for the 2nd Part. I could not find the second part. I like the way you are teaching.



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