Who is this AWS Training program for?

This Masterclass program is designed for those who are looking for in-depth understanding of  Amazon Web Services (AWS) and for those who are looking forward to take the AWS Solutions Architect Associate level certification as per the new 2020 curriculum SAA-C02. This certification is one of the most sought after by the tech industry today as cloud is becoming more and more mainstream across enterprises. No programming knowledge is required and no prior knowledge of AWS is required. By the end of the program, you will have a firm grasp on fundamentals of Cloud Computing and AWS services with practical experience on how to deploy and manage them.


How is this AWS Training program different from others?

    • We are a Cloud Company that migrate and manage customers on AWS everyday and not a training institute.
    • Program is based on how we architect & setup our customers to the AWS cloud platform. i.e – you get real-world exposure.
    • This is a Masterclass, which means you learn not just the service but why it exists and the core tech underneath each service.
    • Trainer comes with 18 Years of experience managing Enterprise IT environments and Cloud solutions for some of the largest Tech MNCs.
    • 55 hours of content. Lifetime access to all recordings and future updates.
    • No funny simulator business! All practical labs are done directly on a live AWS account for actual hands on experience.
    • Email support & community forum.
    • Several sample questions to prepare for your exam.


This course is an exact replica of the Live AWS Solutions Architect Course without the usual live classes. All the content in this program are pre-recorded Sessions from the actual live classes. There are also some additional modules which are not covered in the regular live courses.

The course access is for lifetime and the content will be updated as and when new major changes happen on AWS.

Yes, e-mail support is available to answer your questions and clarify any doubts that are specific to the course content. Additionally, a public forum is available for you to post your queries if you have any broader implementation level or scenario based questions that you would like to get an answer to.

We are a cloud company that does real infrastructure migrations to AWS and manage customer architectures on AWS every single day. We are not a training institute or a consultancy. So, everything you will learn in the training will be based on our real-world experience of setting up cloud infrastructure for our own clients on AWS. Through the sessions you will get a thorough understanding of how things actually get done, the underlying technologies that power each service and not just learn theory. Which is why we are focused on in-depth practical learning and not on getting you to only pass the exam like every other institute does because that will help you only till the exam stage and not in your career.

The AWS Solutions Architect Masterclass does not require you to know any coding although it would be helpful if you knew. This training program is going to turn you into a cloud professional who is knowledgeable in designing cloud solutions where multiple systems interact with each other to solve a use case problem. Although you wouldn’t be the one implementing or coding these solutions, knowing what language is best suited to build a particular architecture will be an added bonus.

No, because our focus is purely to give you in-depth understanding on AWS with real world use case scenarios so that you can confidently give answers and crack any interview without needing any assistance whatsoever. However, you can reach out to the trainer to clarify any doubts or questions you have about something on AWS even after the training is done.

Yes! While our focus is not solely on passing the exam, the course will prepare you with far greater knowledge than required to successfully pass the exam. As mentioned in the previous FAQs, our focus is to give you in-depth understanding of AWS so that you know answers through practical exposure than having to mug up answers by heart.

About Your Trainer



Faizal Khan, Founder & CEO of Ecomm India Cloud IT and a cloud industry expert with over 18 Years of experience in the IT industry with organizations like ITC, DELL, Bank of America & JP Morgan Chase. He is the Founder & CEO of Ecomm India Cloud IT. Migrating enterprises to the AWS cloud is what he does every single day and this experience will reflect on the quality of training you will receive. What you will get is a practical and real world in-depth knowledge of the AWS cloud which not only prepares you for certification but would immensely help you in getting that job in the cloud market which requires understanding of real world scenarios. He is also a Professional level certified on Solutions Architecture as well as an AWS HERO and a User Group Leader.


AWS Developers Video


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Course Curriculum

Intro & Compute
Module 1 – Introduction to Cloud & AWS FREE 02:55:00
Accessing Course Content FREE 00:08:00
AWS General Quiz 00:15:00
Module 2 – EC2 04:38:00
EC2 Quiz 00:22:00
Module 3 – EBS Volumes 02:45:00
EBS Quiz 00:08:00
Module 4 – Load Balancers – ELB, ALB & NLB 02:32:00
ELB Quiz 00:10:00
Module 5 – S3 & Glacier 04:53:00
S3 & Glacier Quiz 00:30:00
Module 6 – EFS, FSx, Storage GW, Transports & Backup 04:24:00
Networking & DNS
Module 7 – VPC 04:14:00
VPC Quiz 00:30:00
Module 8 – DNS & Route53 01:51:00
DNS Quiz 00:20:00
Module 9 – Security & IAM 04:07:00
IAM Quiz 00:15:00
Module 10 – AWS Database Services 04:38:00
Database Services Quiz 00:30:00
Other Compute
Module 11 – Elastic Beanstalk 01:10:00
Module 12 – CloudWatch & Auto Scaling 03:23:00
CloudWatch Quiz 00:06:00
AutoScaling Quiz 00:15:00
Module 13 – CloudFront & Global Accelerator 01:36:00
Module 14 – HA Project 02:21:00
Module 15 – CLI, CloudFormation, SES & SNS 02:36:00
Containers, Serverless & Other Services
Module 16 – ECS, EKS, Fargate, Lambda, SQS & API Gateway 02:24:00
Module 17 – Analytics, Security & Admin , Developer & Enterprise Apps 02:13:00
Module 18 – Organizations, Billing & Closing 02:18:00

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  1. AWS Solutions Architect


    I subscribed for AWS Solutions Architect recorded sessions provided by Faizal. It was a great learning experience. Faizal has a very good training skills and provides useful information from his vast experience in the industry. Completing these recorded sessions, doing hands on, reading white papers and taking practice exams from the other vendor has helped me in becoming “AWS Certified Solutions Architect”. Thank you Faizal!

  2. Nice course Content and Explanation from Faizal.


    This course is helpful to grow your AWS knowledge curve from basics to intermediate level. It covers and clears doubts on many aspect and concepts needed to plan/design & architect AWS cloud solutions.

    Faizal is very helpful to explaining concepts in simpler way.

    Overall i feel this training course is best suited for AWS Certified Solutions Architect learning path.


  3. Incredible in depth topics covered


    I have taken courses off several different platforms. This course by far is the winner.

  4. Exceptional!!! Just Exceptional!!!!


    I’m comparing this course with another course which is a best seller on udemy.com. Faizal’s course is by far greater than any course that’s out there. I’m taking the recorded course and students come from various IT backgrounds. It goes without saying but questions are raised from various professions and wide subjects but Faizal always answers it in great detail whether it’s networking, coding or infrastructure related. That always amazes me. I rarely ever leave a review anywhere but I just want to show my appreciation to him so that he gets the right amount of recognition. I look forward to finishing this course and also to your DevOps course Faizal. Thank You

  5. Incredible AWS traning session ever I've received


    My name is Anil and I have 18 years of middleware experience and working UK/Europe. Recently I moved to Cloud & DevOps platform and was looking for the best AWS tutors. A friend of mine referred Faizal.

    One of the best of the best AWS services presentation I have ever seen on planet earth.
    The way he explained complicate things such as Network , Compute, storage, etc made life so easy. Not only theoretical but his labs were amazing.
    No fuss, No boring, no spinning screens, just bang on the target point with crystal clear communication.

    The only downside side I felt was, there were too many questions posed by trainees in some interesting sessions(Few times). Apart from that its an Incredible training ever I got.
    Thanks a million, Mr.Faizal.

    Undoubtedly I can give 5 star and 9 out 10.

  6. This is the course. Period


    Don’t waste money on spending other online courses. Don’t waste time on watching 100s of free youtube videos. This is the course grab it.

    The sad part is Faizal has only 1 course available. Please do on other AWS/cloud technologies in a similar fashion. Waiting for it.



    Depth in topic and Faizal is very good and patient. Recommend, will watch it for a second time.

  8. Excellent Course content and One Stop Source for AWS


    I also wanted to say a big thank you for the course n contents and the way you have explained it , It’s just flawless .

    I used to spend hours n hours on running behind multiple sites and YouTube’s to understand many concepts but the way Faizal have explained the concepts n AWS services is amazing and so easy to understand. Thank you so much for recording this session and giving an opportunity to the folks who may not join the live classes .

    I have cleared AWS cloud practitioner 2 months before by reading theory , blogs and AWS documentation , cleared AWS Sol Architect associate and now am preparing to write the architect Professional latest version exam soon and I am confident only because of your classes . Will keep on practicing and hoping I should be able to clear the exam.

    I always refer your videos for any hands on and any doubt , this is just amazing and One stop source for me to refer anything on AWS services . Appreciate if you feel any Of the latest topics pertaining to the latest exam can be appended in future .

    Thanks for making such a great & Easy to understand Video Training Materials.

  9. The Best AWS Course in the market


    The Best Trainer and very good content when you compare with other AWS Udemy courses.
    Very detailed explanation by FAIZAL Sir and he know where to start and how to convey message by giving real time examples.

    One suggestion to FAIZAL Sir please start giving training for Azure /Google also as we don’t have much trainers like you and i am sure it will be very helpful for students like us

  10. Outstanding AWS Course


    Thank you Faizal, I am really impressed the way you teach AWS Course, any novice can understand this Course. I am new to AWS Cloud environment but thank you for the detailed explanation and in-depth approach. Appreciate your patience in explaining each and every question asked by attendees of this course. Though I opted recorded session but feels like interactive session as attendees have asked many many questions and you have answered all of them.

  11. Worth every penny in Gold.


    I have taken AWS infrastructure course from Amazon (paid by company) and I took this one after coming across youtube video for VPC and it turn out to be the best in the industry, no crap just pure non stop flow of knowledge and information.
    I wonder why Faisal has stopped with only associate level course, why not go further to Architecture professional level, AWS security specialization etc? or another in-depth course on other clouds like Azure or google cloud?

    I would without hesitation take any further course offered by Mr Faisal. Please count me for any cloud course you would offer by default 🙂

    Thank you.

  12. The best course on learning AWS fundamentals and concepts from ground up!


    The detail with which Faizal explains the various concepts is amazing. I came from a traditional on-prem windows based programming background and did not know much about AWS and the cloud model as such. Via this course, Faizal took me on a journey from understanding the fundamentals of cloud and then how AWS implements various services. There are a lot of videos and blogs that you can find on google, youtube etc. where you can get up and running in a short period of time. But you never get a detailed understanding of how everything connects. And that is where this course really helped me. Kudos to Faizal Khan!

    I strongly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn the concepts of various AWS services. Even if you think you have an expert level understanding, I bet you will learn a thing or two from this course that you never knew.

  13. Technical Coverage on AWS Explained on highly Professional Scale


    The Structure ,Content and Training sessions are too good.
    Still AWS Master VPC class is best on Networking-
    Cleared Solution Architect Associate Certification .

  14. Great Course!


    I have used multiple course before to get ready for my certifications but they were always confusing. I only watched Faizal VPC video on YouTube and it made everything click! I registered for his recorded session, watched 3 Modules and took the exam. It was enough for me to pass. I definitely recommend this.

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